Potlatch Fondo

Potlatch Fondo Course

Potlatch Fondo – 50 miles – This Fondo provides food, hydration, festivities, and transportation for the rider who wants a 50 mile ride experience that winds through the beautiful Palouse. Riders need to be at least 10 years old with an adult and everyone needs to have previous riding experience. The riding times for this 50 miler are between 2 and 6 hours. This course has about 1500 feet of climbing and 1500 feet of descending over 50 miles.

The Potlatch Fondo starts in Moscow at Guy Wicks Field, and meets up with the Latah Trail via Blaine Street. The course then travels 13.5 miles east from Moscow to Troy via the Paradise Creek Path. Shuttle / Aid station 2 is at mile 7. From Aid station 2, the course continues to the Troy City Park where the Shuttle Stop / Latah Trail Pancake Feed / Aid station 3 will be. All are invited to participate.

The course then continues out 12 miles on Hwy 8 to Shuttle / Aid 3 where riders take the Hwy 9 junction toward Harvard. The course then follows Hwy 9 for 10 miles to Shuttle / Aid 5 at the Hwy 6 junction in Harvard. The last leg of this course follows Hwy 6 into Potlatch where it will finish at the Shuttle / Aid 6 during the Potlatch Days festival at Locomotive Park. There will be a shuttle bus between Moscow, Troy, Potlatch, and Pullman roughly every 30 minutes that transports people around the Fondo course back to the start line in Moscow.