What is a Fondo

What is a Fondo

A Gran Fondo is a type of long-distance road bicycle ride originating in Italy and roughly translates into English as “Big Ride”. Gran Fondo events are long distance, mass-participation cycling events that are popular in Europe and are growing in popularity in the United States. Participation is open to everyone from recreational to competitive cyclists of all abilities. While Gran Fondo events are not races in the traditional sense they go beyond the scope of traditional recreational bicycle rides.

The Gran Fondo format allows for riders of every level to participate, much like a marathon. Most participants challenge themselves in a personal battle against the course, the distance, and the clock. Faster riders will push the pace while the majority of participants are happy to complete the challenge within the allotted time.

T-Jay Clevenger, founder of the Fondo on the Palouse, envisions a large event with routes for both competitive and non-competitive cyclists. The event currently has four routes to challenge all participants. The Family Fondo is a 15 mile route beginning in Moscow Idaho and ending in Troy, Idaho. The Latah / Chipman Fondo is an option for people who want a 50 mile bike ride but do not want to deal with traffic. The full route is on the Latah and Chipman trail. Moscow Fondo is a 100 mile route beginning in Moscow Idaho, passing through Troy, Deary, Princeton and Potlatch Idaho before continuing on to Colfax and Pullman Washington. From Pullman cyclist complete the last leg of the Fondo returning to Moscow.

The Fondo on the Palouse supports the Latah Trail Foundation. The Latah Trail Foundation (LTF) was founded in the spring of 1998, by a handful of people with a vision for safe, non-motorized transportation and recreation along the former Moscow-Arrow rail line.

With a mission to preserve the historic Moscow-Arrow railroad corridor for non-motorized recreational and transportation uses for Latah County, its residents and visitors, and to provide Latah County and its communities with support to provide this physical connection to their past and open an avenue for their future.

Proceeds from the Fondo on the Palouse will help support the Latah Trail Foundation and other local non-profits.

Join us at this years Fondo on the Palouse
July 23, 2022